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In 2013 I applied for a competition to create a design for Shorenstein Realty Services.

The location designated for an art installation was a 100+" public corridor inside the Sun Times building adjacent to the Merchandise Mart campus.


Among many submissions I recieved the commission and immediately engaged in coordinating my file delivery with the printer ensuring a seamless transition from proposal to vinyl installation.

My piece was titled "Stepping into tomorrow". Intentionally colorful and engaging, this abstract visual was based in the feelings of movement immersed within the ever changing depth of urban life in Chicago.

I used several experimental patterns, fills and illustration techniques, to create a stimulating experience for anyone. My to-scale final illustration was completely hand drawn and rendered at 9'x6" on vellum in gauche and ink.


I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to have another example of my artwork in public use actively improving the visual landscape of the community.

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