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In the summer of 2015 I was exploring small businesses in the Rogers Park neighborhood that I could be of service to.


The idea to volunteer myself at Funk Trunk Records, a local record shop I often frequented came across my mind and I stepped into the business and began the process of finding out what visual collateral would be needed to improve their visibility to the public. 


After discussing my background in hand lettering and design with the owner, he decided to offer me a challenge: to create a poster and flyer design for his upcoming event called Rogers Park Music Swap (RPMS).


This was a one day event that would be heavily promoted and was indeed the purest way I could create exposure for his ambitions while simultaneously gain more notoriety as a local artist.


The idea was handed to me and I went all-in creating comps and sketches that were whittled down into a simple idea of nostalgic hand drawn type accentuated bvy imagery that was relative to the event. 

My process from start to finish was completely rendered traditionally in pen, ink and gauche.

The final result was delivered as full-size posters and card-sized flyers that were canvased all over the area prior to the event.


I was also present at the day of show as the artist behind the designs- which I prepared several signed and sealed prints for sale to the wonderful fans of original art that were in attendance. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to sync a new clients demands and my own design senibilities as one united effort.


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