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After a tremendously successful introduction with Funk Trunk Records as a designer for RPMS 1- I was asked to create another poster/flyer for RPMS 2 in the winter of 2015. 

I chose to produce musically influenced imagery bolstereed by classic typography, to once again excite the public about this next round of the record swap held in Rogers Park. 

Challenging myself further, I took this composition and layering to a new level by creating a scene with a main focal point, the lone trumpeter, who was set on a backdrop that a viewer could seemingly walk right into. The immersive feeling and distinct typographic senisbility helped create a strong image that helped increase buzz for this event wonderfully.


While being present at the day of show, and displaying the original painting and having signed and sealed prints on hand, I felt great appreciation from countless attendees and patrons. It was an amazing experience being involved with RPMS as well as helping to bring a more unique visual vocabulary into the community.

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